Appointment of Public Relations Manager

We are pleased to announce that our institution has appointed Mr. Manuel Quiterio Cedeño on Public Relations, who will perform the function from now on.

As is well known, Mr. Cedeño has vast knowledge and experience as a professional in this area. With his appointment this important work will be carried out efficiently and professionally.

Welcome aboard !

Manuel Quiterio Cedeño

Brief Profesional Profile

He is a professional with 30 years of experience in the industry of communications and public relations.

As a communicator and executive, he is specialized in media strategies, content, and communication’s policies, crisis management, and dynamic media.

His work is outstanding in economic sectors, such as tourism, education, agriculture, industry, finance, as well as private associations, and governmental agencies.

He is professor of corporate communications at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, UASD. Also, he offers communications policy courses at other universities.

He is consultant and communications director of programs for international organizations like UNESCO.

He is founder and president of CICOM, a company dedicated to communication services and public relations for over 25 years in Dominicana, and of the Latin American Forum on Communication Strategies (Madrid), Dominican Chapter.

Aviso Legal
"Dominicana, un Proyecto de País hacia el Desarrollo Sostenible"